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"Wingin' It - On the Edge Adventures"

by Janey Wing Kenyon

Paperback, 256 pages (with photos)

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Janey Wing Kenyon is a storyteller who loves to travel. These two passions come together with this first collection of short stories spanning three decades of following her inner compass to distant and exotic places. Never forgetting to pack her sense of humor, these stories remind us there is merit in “jumping first and asking questions later”. By taking chances and with giant leaps of faith in herself and her inner guide, she has had the chance to explore the world as a true traveler.

Arm chair travelers rejoice. One can read and enjoy these experiences in the comfort of a favorite chair without getting one malaria infested mosquito bite, or sharing the bed with a family of cockroaches.

These stories are a testament to what can happen traveling with no money, no itinerary, no expectations, and letting spontaneity be the guide. There is a tangible thrill that comes from waking up in the morning in a foreign land and not knowing where one is going to sleep that night. It leaves the entire day open to grand adventures, and Janey has had her share.

Traveling on the edge brings a raw excitement to these tales. In the first one, she teeters on the edge of independence. In another, she’s on the edge of death as she cascades down a canyon on the front of a train. Whether she’s searching for gold in Alaska, being outsmarted by a monkey in Africa, going on a 52 hour bus trip across the US, or being chased through the mountains by Mexican cops, Janey keeps us smiling even though we are on the edge of our seat.


1. Testing New Wings
2. The King’s Highway
3. Too Much Monkey Business
4. The Long Road Home
5. Train Time
6. The Great Crab Race
7. Rattled
8. Traveler’s Survivor Tip #83
9. Breathing in Blue
10. The Chase
11. No Woman, No Cry
12. Island Ios
The Day of the Testicles
With Zorba by my Side
Tzeni Had a Little Lamb
13. Gold! Gold! Gold!
14. It’s All Uphill from Here
15. Kona Coast
16. Beware of the Mud Eating Matatu
17. Going to Spain
18. A Tiny Toast to Darby
19. On Leaving Home (poem)
20. The Sound in the Stones
21. The Old Man’s Cadillac

Reader Comments

I am speechless for the first time ever!!! This morning I curled up with some coffee and read it cover to cover. To state the obvious, it is amazing! Even though I had heard some of your tales before, the book gives them a whole new life of their own---as usual you have managed to inspire me.
I hope you know how much your life has meant to others--you keep mentioning how much strangers and friends mean to you and I wanted you to know that my life has been enriched by knowing both of YOU! - Charlotte Malczek, Seattle, WA


You talented kids............what's next? A book? Oh my God, it's already happened. I've read several chapters and love it, Janey. I'm impressed to say the least. - K.C. Springfield, Kansas City, KS


Wow! Am I impressed with your ability to create and produce! I actually got a tear (of joy) in my eye when I held your book in my hand.
Here are a few things I want to share. First of all I love the story about Ephesus in Turkey. We visited there and heard the story of how one could hear a coin drop in the aincient amphitheatre, so I can imagine how lovely your voices must have sounded in "God's shower!" Just like you two to go for it and take the experience to the max.
Also, I really enjoyed the introduction to the book - the psycholocial insights and history of your strong sense of self. I read the first sentence, " I have always loved my name..." and stopped right there thinking of what that meant to have Wing for a name and how you have used that image in your life. - Kim Soltero, Maryville, TN


Your book is bringing us GREAT fun and many laughs and smiles and pieces of wisdom. I read it in one night and day and can't wait for Cris to finish her copy so we can compare favorite adventures. You do such a great job of putting the reader on the scene! - Randi Somers, Port Douglas, Austrailia


I am severely impressed! I wish I could express what I am feeling as I read though "Wingin' It." Something like a sense of brotherly pride, I guess. Makes me smile a lot that you actually did it. The stories are well told and easily hold my attention. Good imagery! I'm right there with you (even when I'm not right there with you). But I'm truly impressed with your writing and storytelling, Janey. Way to go!!! - Bill Mann, Nashville, TN


Janey, I am so glad of the possibilities your book opened up for me. (I've only ever been to
Canada) - Dr. Ouida Vincent, Gallup, NM


We were just talking about you last night, good things of course, and talking about how great your book is. When is the next edition coming out??? Deb has been reading the book and doing alot of laughing. - Gary Porter, Fairbanks, Alaska


And Janey’s book! Wow! She really did it! Not only has Janie’s book been fun to read – but inspirational. (I’m milking it.) Speaking of taking the plunge – everytime I hear that song now – after reading Janie’s story about swimming with the whales – I see a picture of the both of you giant striding off a boat together. - Lauray Walsh, Kona, HI


I just finished reading your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What an exciting life you've lead. I look forward for book #2. - Tracy Sprinkle, NC


Finished Wingin' It two nights ago and I'm so lonely for you!!!! I found myself delaying the end and reading really slloooooowly the last couple chapters. If you think it took you a long time to get to Alaska in The Ol' Man's Cadillac, you should have seen how long it took me to read that story knowing I had so little left. You did an absolutely fantastic job and I enjoyed every minute of it (except the rats, yuck).
Again, my Darling, can't tell you how much we both truly enjoyed your stories. We've talked about it a number of times. I know we can't be objective because we know you and are so fond of you, but I do believe, it is wonderful. - Jojo Malloy, Holiday Inn, Some City, Some State, Somewhere


I enjoyed all your stories immensely and savored each one. What a wonderful gift to get to know more about you. You will be published and FAMOUS. People will love your tales as I did. - Lidia Young, Kansas City, KS

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